We are Experts in Institutional Detention Equipment, Design and Construction

We specialize in institutional detention equipment and materials for the jail, detention and prison industries at the federal, state, county, private and local levels. Have a detention equipment or construction project?

What We Do

Southern Folger Contracting is a full-service detention contracting Equipment Company. Our team of experts combines many years of knowledge and experience in new construction, design, build, and retrofit/renovation projects.

Our specialties include

  • Detention Hardware & Sliding Devices
  • Detention Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
  • Detention Equipment Training
  • Detention Furniture & Accessories
  • High Security Exterior Gate Applications
  • Security Glass & Glazing
  • Security Ceilings
  • Security Mesh
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Safety Padding & Padded Cells

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Over 100+ Years of Industry Experience

Do you have a detention project you need built? Contact us today and get a FREE quote. Work with a company that you can trust with over 100 years of combined industry experience and expertise.

Our Partners

Our company has long standing relationships with the top vendors in the Industry.
We work together to complete our projects in a timely manner, highest standards and quality.

Some of our Work

We offer our customers a wide range of solutions from design, construction, products, repair and maintenance plans. Here is small sampling of our work.

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