We offer our customers a wide range of solutions from design, construction, products, repair and maintenance plans.

Detention Furniture

SFC offers a wide array of detention furniture & accessories to custom fit your facilities changing needs. We work with most industry leading manufacturers and have successfully installed our solutions in Federal, State, County, Private, and Juvenile Facilities.

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Hollow Metal Doors and Detention Sliding Doors

Our professionals carry decades of experience when it comes to providing and installing hollow metal doors, framing, window framing, and detention sliding operators. We can assist with preventative maintenance needs, offer new or retrofit solutions, and offer both detention and commercial grade hollow metal doors.

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Detention Locks, Hardware, Partitions, and Accessories

There aren’t many task desired by correctional facilities SFC can’t handle. We provide detention locks for all door and frame needs, as well as industry specified hardware designed for every purpose.

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Exterior Gate Applications and Maintenance Service

Vehicle gates, pedestrian gates, and all forms of high security gate applications. SFC can tear down the old, replace with new, or provide routine maintenance services to keep your security gates up and running.

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Preventative Maintenance Services & Onsite Maintenance Personnel Training

With the ongoing demands to keep up with your facility, SFC can assist and assess with our PM services. If we provide it, we can service it. Additionally, we can come to you and train your maintenance staff on proper procedures to keep your locks and hardware running and facility secure.

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